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As a leader in Emergency Medical Services, Gold Cross Ambulance employs highly trained and certified paramedics, EMT’s and other medical professionals. With a fleet of specially equipped emergency vehicles and a state-of-the-art communications center, Gold Cross is ready to respond to any emergency or request for medical transport. Founded in 1968, Gold Cross works closely with local, state and federal agencies to assure quality care and access to emergency services for all citizens of Utah.


Emergency Services

State-of-the-art ambulances, with fully trained and certified personnel, respond in a timely and professional manner to all emergency situations, while maintaining the highest standards of clinical excellence and safety.

Intermediate Life Support

Patient care is provided by two state-certified emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) who are trained in basic emergency medical care, basic airway management, orthopedic care, non-invasive inter-facility transports, and emergency response. Emergency personnel quickly evaluate a patient’s condition, maintain a patient’s breathing and circulation by CPR and defibrillation, control external bleeding, and prevent shock and further injury while safely transporting the patient to a hospital emergency department for medical care.

Advanced Life Support

Critical care ambulances are staffed by two paramedics, who are qualified to render advanced life support in emergency and non-emergency situations to patients requiring IV medication and pumps, ventilation therapy, advanced airway management (intubation, tracheostomy care, and suctioning), EKG monitoring and treatment, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

Emergency Communications Center

Our sophisticated communications center tracks the status of all Gold Cross emergency vehicles with computer aided dispatch, integrated communications, automated vehicle locating & mapping through Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), and real time freeway traffic monitors. Gold Cross is recognized and accredited as an Emergency Medical Dispatch Center of Excellence.


Critical Care Transport

Patients who require specialized monitoring of IV medication drips, ventilators, balloon pumps, or external pacemaker therapy are carefully transported by specially trained paramedics working in accordance with the standing orders of a physician.

Infants /Children

In conjunction with Primary Children’s Medical Center, Gold Cross’s specially designed Neonatal/Pediatric ICU Ambulance is equipped to transport medically fragile infants and children in high level intensive care situations and staffed with nurses from Primary Children's Medical Center and Lifeflight who are trained in the care of neonates and children.

Bariatric Transport

This specialty transport unit is designed to better meet the transportation needs of patients weighing up to 1,600 pounds, while maintaining the comfort and dignity of the patient.

Long Distance transport

Designed for intermediate/paramedic care to critical care patients who need transfer to another facility or to return home anywhere through the Intermountain West. The vehicles are equipped with oxygen, suction, and patient monitoring by a trained EMT, paramedic, or nurse to assure patient comfort. Spouse or family members receive complimentary travel with the patient.

Community Emergency Disaster Response /Mobile Command

Gold Cross maintains a multi-functional medical trailer designed to be transported to the scene of mass casualty or other major health events and treat 50 to 100 victims at a time. A special section of the trailer serves as a mobile first aid treatment and rehabilitation center.

Stand By Special Events

Gold Cross provides medical care and transportation services to sporting events, community gatherings, concerts, fairs, parades, and other public and private events.

Fleet maintenance

We are a leader in our industry by assuring that each emergency vehicle is custom built to incorporate the latest in safety and comfort features. All units are cleaned and inspected daily and serviced regularly in our own maintenance facility.

Community Training

Gold Cross provides in-house continuing education for its employees and auxiliary staff. Through our educational outreach programs to schools, churches, and community centers, Gold Cross provides instruction in CPR and First Aid. Training programs can be tailored to meet any group size or education need.



Gold Cross Paramedic


Mari Hamula

Paramedic Since 2004